Just another example of the gig economy. But rather than deliver food or drive people around, Sammi, a Tampa Florida Woman, has discovered her talent. She’s a maid. But it’s not how she cleans houses. It’s the way she cleans houses. Now before you jump into this career path it’s always good to know what to expect. Sammi breaks it down in a video.

She’s a topless maid. 5 houses in one day at $300 an hour plus tips. It’s the tips I’m not sure I understand. Some of the tips are more than her hourly rate. She must be really good at cleaning houses. To make sure nothing goes wrong, she employs a security guard who waits outside in the car. She breaks it all down for a daily take of $1,430. Here’s the video:

The amount of money she’s pulling in 5 hours is staggering. Hourly rate aside, she’d be making a solid wage working for ‘just the tip’. And what about the hired muscle? How do I get that job? He gets 35% of the take!

There’s a lot of hustles out there, and this one’s a lot better than all those idiots reselling Girl Scout Cookies online. And the $300 to be a topless maid is actually a fair rate when you think about it. You can spend that much in an hour at the strip club. And with this Tampa Florida Woman, she’ll clean your house!

Here’s another Florida Woman making things happen:

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