Weekends for me are always filled with adventure and on Saturday I took a drive up to St. Pete to visit The Sunken Gardens.

I’ve always loved botanical gardens. I actually make a point to visit them in different cities and countries any time I travel. I started following The Sunken Gardens in St. Pete on Instagram a while back after I saw that it popped up on a list of the Most Underrated Tourist Attractions in the US. I decided that since the gardens are over 100 years old, I was overdue for a visit. And I’m so happy I went. The gardens are a beautiful oasis set back so you forget that downtown St. Pete is just minutes away.

The Sunken Gardens were first created in 1903 by George Turner Sr. He bought a small lake that was an ancient sinkhole, drained it, and transformed it into a beautiful garden. The rich soil made for the perfect environment to grow exotic plants and flowers. Over the years, the garden grew in popularity and became a beloved attraction in St. Pete. In fact, The Sunken Gardens is one of the oldest roadside tourist attractions in the United States.

Is it just flowers? What else is there?

Over the years, the gardens have undergone several renovations and upgrades, including adding a bird sanctuary for exotic birds like parrots, macaws and cockatoos. The Sunken Gardens cover four acres and feature over 50,000 tropical plants, with more than 500 species. There’s also flowing water throughout with koi ponds and waterfalls.

The Sunken Gardens are open seven days a week, and admission is fair at $15 for adults and $6 for kids. It’s not too big, so you won’t need to plan on spending a ton of time there. But it makes for a great outing on a beautiful day and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. I absolutely loved my visit and if you like nature, beauty and exotic plants and birds I definitely recommend it.

Pics from The Sunken Gardens in St. Pete:



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