Nailed It: Cape Coral Drivers are Dealing with the Aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

The good people of Cape Coral are fed up with nails littering the streets after Hurricane Ian. And if you think it’s just a minor annoyance, think again.

It’s bad enough that nails are scattered all over the roads, but it’s even worse when they end up puncturing your precious tires. According to NBC2, the manager at Country Club Motors, says they used to patch 10 tires a day, but after the hurricane, that number jumped up to a staggering 40 a day! And even now, it’s still at 20 a day.

It’s like playing a game of Russian roulette every time you get behind the wheel. You never know when a pesky nail is going to find its way into your tire. Another Cape Coral resident said they had not one, but two nails in their tire just weeks after buying a new car. Talk about a stroke of bad luck!

Hurricane Ian Aftermath:

It sucks having to buy a brand new tire with only 2000 miles on it!  And if that wasn’t bad enough, this dude even had a close call with one that almost went through his foot! Can you imagine the horror? It’s like living in a real-life version of “Final Destination,” only instead of dodging death, you’re dodging nails.

But it’s not just about the inconvenience and danger of getting nails stuck in your tires. It’s also about the hassle of getting them fixed.

So what’s the solution to this nail nightmare? Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about nails littering the streets. But we can all do our part to make sure they don’t end up in our tires. Keep an eye out for any stray nails on the road, and if you see any on your property, be sure to dispose of them properly.

Until then, just remember that nails are the enemy, and they’re always lurking, waiting to ruin your day. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and don’t let those pesky nails get the best of you!

Restaurants Now Open On Fort Myers Beach Following Hurricane Ian

Restaurants Now Open On Fort Myers Beach Following Hurricane Ian

It’s been nearly four months since Hurricane Ian rolled through Southwest Florida, devastating Fort Myers Beach.

Though the recovery process is far from complete, some restaurants have opened their doors and eagerly await a packed house.

It gives us a sense of normalcy to be able to dine at some of our Fort Myers Beach favorites.  While many restaurants were demolished and won’t return, there are some with plans to rebuild and some, as mentioned, open for business.  Keep in mind, some restaurants are open but operating with limited menus and resources.  Some are even located at a different location.

One in particular is La Ola Surfside Restaurant

The restuarant was destroyed by Hurricane Ian and has been serving food out of a food truck since October.  What’s next for them?  A beach bar made of shipping containers.

The owner, Tom Houghton, told NBC-2, “These doors are going to fold out into a deck to be the first row of tables.  It will be a roughly eight-foot deck and then the bar will be about three feet inside. The bar will run around 28-29 feet. Behind the bar will be a center area that has a large ice machine to the back. To the right, there will be a 10 x 8 walk-in cooler.”  And get this!  If another storm approches, the containers can be packed up and taken off the beach within 48 hours.

Food will still be prepared in the food truck.

The curfew on Fort Myers Beach has been loosened.

So, now is the time to make a trip over the bridge for a long awaited meal or fruity drink at a local hot spot.

What restaurants are open on Fort Myers Beach?  The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce continues to update their site.  These are the restaurants listed as open as of today.

Let’s get out there are support these local businesses.  We are #FloridaStrong

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