Paranormal Panic: Florida Man Cites Ghost Encounter as Reason for Daytona Beach Break-In.

Oh, Florida man, you never disappoint! Meet Andrew George, the man who turned ghost sightings into a full-blown episode of COPS. According the the New York Post, the man was  Joined by his partner-in-crime, Natasha Kachuroi. The pair had checked into a Travel Inn motel in Daytona Beach and were just about to settle in. But hold your breath, folks, because the drama started unfolding faster than you can say “Boo!” These two had a sudden change of heart and demanded a refund when they heard a bathroom window open. I guess they weren’t in the mood for ghostly roommates that night.

Convinced that a lurking shadow was hot on their heels, they fled like they were in a sprinting contest for the paranormal Olympics. Picture this: Andrew running like a madman, Natasha hot on his heels, and the ghostly shadow cheering them on. But oh, the hilarity didn’t stop there! It was like classic “falling into water” scene straight out of a slapstick comedy. George took a spontaneous plunge at the Halifax Marina. I guess he thought ghosts would be afraid of water like cats or sunlight.

Florida Man Freak-out:

Additionally, George’s unexpected aquatic adventure, they dashed to a nearby business, desperately seeking refuge. Kachuroi, with her flair for door-knocking, pounded on the entrance. Meanwhile George, ever the problem-solver, picked up a chair and attempted to break a window. Can you imagine the chaos? Windows shattering, George hollering for help, and the poor residents of 426 S. Beach St. rubbing their eyes in disbelief, wondering if they were trapped in a real-life episode of “Ghostbusters Gone Wild.”

Consequently, our fearless duo is facing some serious consequences. George, charged with burglary, is sitting in a holding cell with a hefty $20,000 bond. But let’s not forget about Kachuroi, who is facing her own rap sheet with drug offenses and a charge of principal to a burglary. Talk about teamwork, huh? All of this mayhem was blamed on ecstasy and divine intervention, with George claiming that God told him Kachuroi was a bad person to hang out with. I guess divine intervention comes with its own set of judgmental whispers.

Insane Brawl At Florida Intersection Caught On Camera

The topic of road rage comes up on my show at least once a month. Road rage incidents have always happened but over the past couple of months many videos of people in action have surfaced. There was just a situation that happened in Tampa. A couple got out of their car and began attacking a Brandon woman’s vehicle at that Florida intersection. Not sure what led to the fight, but it’s being reported as a road rage incident.

Have you ever been in a road rage situation? I have been in one and had to pull over just let the angry man go ahead of me. What got the man upset was me getting over quickly before I missed my exit. I had my blinker on and everything.

He was very angry  and kept yelling out of the window that I cut him off. After we got off on the exit, he proceeded to follow me and kept getting on my bumper. I then decided to pull over and I got my phone out. My phone was out to call the police and to record.

If you are a person with road rage, please remember that it’s never that serious.

Don’t let someone in traffic get you to the point where you do something that will land you in jail.

According to a study that was published in Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical & Experiment, drivers who smelt the essential oil peppermint displayed fewer aggressive driving behaviors. You may not have peppermint oil, but you can get the tree air freshener. The tree air freshener smells like peppermint.

I wish the woman in the video below would have smelled peppermint before getting out of her car and attacking people. This incident happened in the neighborhood I use to live in. I recognize the street sign and Winkler road in Fort Myers is the Florida intersection where the fight took place.



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