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If you go through your wallet, you may see a bunch of $1 bills but what you may not know is that those $1 bills could hold a value of $10,000.

I always see stories of people buying things from thrift stores and later find out that they’re sitting on a gold mine. Sometimes when I drive by different second-hand stores in Fort Myers or Naples, I think of popping in to see what treasures I can find, but I a) have no idea what to even look for and b) probably don’t have the patience to search. But what if I told you that a $1 bill that could be sitting in your wallet right now could be worth $10,000? And I can tell you exactly what to look for.

The_Coin_Guy on TikTok shared a video showing you what to look for on those $1 bills.

In the video he says the serial number is where the money is. A serial number of all the same number is called a “solid serial number” and it sold recently for $7,500. Other serial numbers to look out for are those with really low numbers like 00000002 or those with repeating numbers like 12312312. Serial numbers that use only the same two numbers like 19919119 can be worth something too. There are also some $1 bills that have a star at the end of the serial number instead of a letter at the end that could be worth more than you think.

Could you imagine your $1 bills having a value of $10,000? If you want to check and see if yours are worth anything, you can use a serial number checker like this one here


2023 Billionaires In Naples

Forbes just released their 2023 list of the wealthiest people on the planet and it features seven billionaires in Naples.

When you think of Naples, you think of money. If you’ve ever wondered just how many billionaires live there, Forbes just released their 2023 list of the richest people on the planet. In 2023, there are 92 billionaires in Florida and seven in Naples.

Anytime I drive by a super huge house or see someone driving a car that costs more than I’ll make in 5 years of work, I’m always tempted to ask what they do for a living. I know there’s a few TikTok accounts that ask those questions. One guy hangs down on 5th Avenue South in Naples all the time and a guy in Miami too, but after seeing some of the reactions he gets, I’ll pass and just dream.

America is home to more than billionaires than any other country in the world. 735 to be exact, talk about the American dream. Being a billionaire is the ultimate dream for many people. But once you’ve got all the money in the world, what’s next? I mean, you finally have enough money to buy all the avocado toast you’ve ever wanted! And with the money left over, you can buy the whole avocado farm. You can also afford to buy all the bubble wrap you want and pop it until you’re blue in the face. Instead of just owning just one mansion, you can own one on every beach in the state. I also feel like a good hobby to take up would be collecting luxury yachts, because who needs just one?

You might be asking what kind of industries these billionaires made their money in. Really, it’s just a few: finance & investments, technology, food & drink, fashion & retail and media & entertainment.

Billionaires in Naples:

  • Shahid Khan

    Net worth: $12.1 billion (#144 wealthiest in the world)
    Industry: Auto Parts- Founder of Flex-N-Gate

  • Reinhold Schmieding

    Net worth: $7.7 billion (#282 wealthiest in the world)
    Source of wealth: Medical Devices- Founder of Arthrex

  • Tom Golisano

    Net worth: $4.9 billion (#552 wealthiest in the world)
    Source of wealth: Service- Founder of Paychex

  • Richard Schulze

    Net worth: $3.7 billion (#766 wealthiest in the world)
    Source of wealth: Fashion & Retail- Founder of Best Buy

  • Kamal Ghaffiarian

    Net worth: $2.1 billion (#1434 wealthiest in the world)
    Source of wealth: Energy- Space

  • Scott Kapnick

    Net worth: $1.9 billion (#1575 wealthiest in the world)
    Source of wealth: Finance & Investments

  • David Hoffman

    Net worth: $1.6 billion (#1804 wealthiest in the world)
    Source of wealth: Diversified

Marija was born and raised in Illinois, but moved to Florida in 2018. She loves dogs, kayaking, concerts, beachin', checking out new restaurants & is always planning her next vacation. Follow her on Instagram @marija127

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