A Simple Google Search Highlights A Disturbing Trend

Sounds ominous, doesn't it.  Google "Walmart Scooters Arrest" and you'll be amazed by the amount of results.  Florida couple stole scooter, Michigan men arrested after disturbance, woman arrested in cart, drunk arrested in cart, woman arrested driving cart in traffic.......  There's a seemingly endless list of arrest reports involving Wal Mart scooters.  What is it…

Want A Relaxing Vacation?

If you really want to relax on vacation, plan to splurge on a plane ticket or a whole lot of gas. Because a quick trip a few hours away might not do it . . .

BBMAs 2018: Winners List

The 2018 Billboard Music Awards are jam-packed with talented nominees, but as you know, only one artist/group can take home a BBMA award per category.