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Many of us strive to find ways to get and keep our skin healthy while dealing with things like allergies, irritants, dermatitis and the autoimmune disease psoriasis.

For those with psoriasis, keeping their skin healthy can require more attention to everything from the sun exposure to reducing stress and reviewing new treatment options.

In cooperation with the team at The Clinic Study Center, we’ve put together a quick Clear Skin Quiz to see how much you know about caring for skin and psoriasis.

Right now, The Clinical Study Center is conducting a clinical research study evaluating an investigational oral medication for plaque psoriasis which is a common condition causing dry, red and scaly patches of skin that often itch or burn.

After taking the quiz, make sure to get registered to win a $100 in gift certificates to Shula's Restaurants courtesy of The Clinical Study Center. We’ll pick one winner for this stress reducing prize package.

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