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Ask a Doctor: Dangerous TikTok Trend or Health Hack? Download

42:13 Download March 17th

We’re all pretty lucky to be able to ask a doctor anything we want every week with Big Mama And WiLD Bunch. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and the doctor is in! Get ready to ask a doctor with Dr. Daller. Today we ask the doctor about a dangerous TikTok Trend.  Drinking fish tank water. It’s the latest “Health” trend on TikTok Doesn’t sound very good. Could there be any actual benefits or just another stupid trend? Dr. Daller has the answer. Plus does eating breakfast boost optimism? I know some pancakes early in the morning sound pretty good to me. But what will The Doctor be having? Also, the signs all women need to look for. Your hormones could be unbalanced… That and more when we ask a doctor with Dr. Daller.

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