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Mammogram Monday: Breast Cancer Survivor Krissy Stewart Download

36:29 Download October 4th

Annual mammograms save lives. Experts recommend that women age 40 and over should be sure of regular mammograms. Tell your friends! Set reminders! That’s what we are doing here today on the show. A friendly reminder that could be the difference between early detection with minor treatment versus battling a late-stage cancer, with much more aggressive treatment. Don’t wait until you think something may be wrong. Be proactive! On this week’s episode of Mammogram Monday, we talk with Breast Cancer Survivor Krissy Stewart.

Krissy was diagnosed in March 2021 following her routine screening mammogram and has just completed radiation treatments on September 3rd. Her story is one that you’re going to want to hear because it highlights just how important it is to get checked annually.

Call 239-936-4068 to schedule your check or online at Radiology Regional Dot com

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