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Celebrity Dirt: Netflix Snowflake Mountain Download

08:11 Download June 22nd, 2022

Get ready for a trip to the Netflix Snowflake Mountain. Each and every morning Big Mama And Wild Bunch gave you the rundown of all the big celebrity news entertainment and gossip.

Tupac’s pop-up

Some of the stories hit on in today’s celebrity dirt Tupac’s pop-up restaurant in LA. Such a fox a state has started a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles called the “Powamekka” Cafe. Not you’re wondering where did that name come from it was actually created by Tupac in one of his notes that he left behind before he passed away back in 1996. The restaurant opened last week and will be open till about the 30th the restaurant also has images and memorabilia on display of items from throughout his career. Now, this is the first time that this type of restaurant has been created a restaurant in California in 2016 there was also one in New York City in 2017 they did their own Tupac pop-up restaurant.

Justin Timberlake Dad Dance

Man, I never thought I would see the day when Justin Timberlake is teased about his terrible dance moves. Now that Justin Timberlake is a dad he apparently is also dancing like a dad. It all went down to the something in the water festival in Washington DC and all of Twitter has not stopped posting about it… We’re talking about his terrible dad dance moves. Some Twitter users were calling it the hokey pokey or Irish river dancing. Either way, most thought it was very uncool. It wasn’t just his dance moves that Twitter was talking about they also mentioned his outfit saying he lost his swag and now he’s wearing Old Navy khakis. Damn why so harsh Twitter?

Snowflake Mountain

There’s a new Netflix show called snowflake Mountain. Netflix’s latest reality show is about 20-something-year-old adults who refuse to grow up. These guys basically just live off their parents. These so-called snowflakes think that they’re going to a luxury resort for some kind of big party, only to find out they were tricked by their parents and now they’re trapped on snowflake Mountain where they’re forced to grow up and put their survival skills to the test all in hopes of winning $50,000… And hopefully, move out of your parent’s house

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