Agritourism is big business. It’s also a hard business. The quality, variety and options continue to grow in Southwest Florida. Here, for example, is a look at the fresh new plans for a beloved North Fort Myers farm. It’s called Blossom & Brie and is one of this week’s Fabulous Finds.

If’ you have lived in SWFL for a few years, you might know the farm as the former Rosy Tomorrows. Today it has new owners, a new name and renewed commitment to both the daily operations of the farm as well as making it a destination for dining and events.

Rodney and Stacey Poole formerly owned the Club at Renaissance in Fort Myers and were looking for a new venture. Last fall, they bought the farm. Literally. They had been fans and supporters of Rosy Tomorrows and wanted to continue its legacy.

That meant not just the day-to-day workings of the farm but also the culinary reputation the spot had built up over the years. Next, the Poole’s brought in their brother, Wesley Robbins to lead the culinary team. He says cooking on a farm is a dream come true.

I attended an Italian wine dinner at Blossom & Brie recently and got an inside look at some of the new plans. Chef and his team prepared quite a meal using a lot of the products grown on the farm, The space was beautiful and the outdoor, farm atmosphere was the icing on the cake. Here is a little video.

History of the North Fort Myers Farm

The name comes from two of the farm’s beloved animals. Blossom is a miniature donkey and Brie is a dairy cow. Most of the cattle on the farm are longhorn and they are grass-fed. The sheep are a heritage breed called Florida Cracker.

You will also see heritage, Red Wattle Pigs on the farm. The are raised with lots of care and no antibiotics or growth hormones. Same holds true for the chickens. They are free roaming, and the farm has several breads. You’ll see lots of ducks wondering around also.

Visitors to the farm are able to feed as well as pet some of the animals. And yes, some of the animals end up in the kitchen where they are prepared with respect and expertise at the hands of Chef Wesley and his culinary team.

Future of the North Fort Myers Farm

When I was at the farm, they were awaiting the arrival of their first shipping containers for a new freight farm. The containers have been converted with LED lights and everything needed for climate control farming. The idea is taking hold in cities and rural areas across the US.

The containers are sustainable, have a small carbon footprint, and allow the Poole’s to cultivate a larger variety of produce year-round. The plants are more disease resistant and organic. Having a mix of traditional and vertical farming will dramatically increase Blossom & Brie’s produce production while providing a sort of insurance policy against the potential wrath of Mother Nature.

Other new additions to the North Fort Myers farm include a permanent, dedicated space for wedding ceremonies. It sits right outside of the original pole barn and kitchen A new poll barn is also under construction to give wedding and event planners more variety.

The Poole’s have converted an old farmhouse into the perfect space for bridal parties to get ready and relax. Something special for grooms is also in the works. With new space for events and plenty of acres to expand, the beloved North Fort Myers farm is one to put on your radar. Subscribe to their newsletter so you can attend one of their upcoming dinners or events.

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