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Technology is a big part of our lives and it helps us make the most of our time. These days we could get so much more done than we use to by utilizing some of the important features that technology has for us to learn and use. Knowing is half the battle, implementing new ways of doing things is a different story, lol! On Big Mama and THE WiLD BUNCH we spoke of this and how amazing it is to learn all the things our phone can help us do. Also, Google has been a very helpful app that provides numerous advantages for business and personal.

According to

We are missing out on some very helpful search features. Check them out below and most importantly, let’s try our best to implement them in our lives.

  • 1. Hyphen Seaches

    “If you put a hyphen in front of a word, it excludes results with that word.”

  • 2. Tildes.

    They are the way dash thing. If you put one in front of a word, it also searched for synonyms of that word.

  • 3. Searching Specific Sites.

    Start with the word “site”, then a colon, and the url for the site you want to search.

  • 4. Searching for different file types.

    There’s a dedicated “image search” button, but you can also specifically search for things like PDFs and MP3s. Just start your search with “filetype”, followed by a colon.

  • 5. Asterisks.

    If you don’t know a word, put an asterisk there. It’s useful if you don’t know the name of a song but know some of the lyrics.