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Big Mama thought it would be funny to call out the biggest A-hole’s in SWFL today on BIG Mama and the WiLD BUNCH. People did get creative I thought it be worse but read below so you can see who was called out. If you’re on the list, we hope you apologize ha ha ha for what you did. Lots of people called in too.

There’s such a thing as karma we spoke about how powerful that is. Budman says “Leave it to Karma. and worry not.”

I think forgiving is important for you to move on in a healthy way. There are always going to be A-holes but if we let them interfere with our minds then we allow the nonsense to affect us. Which is probably what they want. Big Mama quoted our Program Director, Adam Star “Don’t let them rent space in your head.” That sounds about right!


I included a video below on How to deal with A-Holes.
Please check it out and share it with someone who might need it.

  • A-Hole #1 Huey

    “doesn’t truly loves me, but keeps me around for my money”

  • A-Hole #2 Addison

    “He crashed my jeep and disappeared. Never answers my calls and now I’m left to pay FOR THIS MYSELF.”

  • A-Hole #3 Vladimir Putin

    “The biggest A-Hole is Vladimir Putin.”

  • A-Hole #4 Lee

    “He fired me when I gave him 3 weeks notice. He just got pissed when he knew I was coming back to Indiana.”

  • A-Hole #5 Billy

    “Billy he is a narcissist, manipulator and liar. He was just caught hiding in bushes in Cape.”

  • A-Hole #6 Robert

    “He doesn’t pay child support but is out there hanging in the clubs with girls. He is a disgusting father.”

  • A-Hole #7 Jason

    “My brother keeps stealing from me, I’m tired of it and my mom doesn’t say anything. I work over 30 hours at McDonalds only for him to be stealing my stuff.”

  • A-Hole #8 Chrissy

    “She cheated on me with my neighbor. I thought she loved me and here she go cheating with my fat ass neighbor while I’m working to pay our bills.”

  • A-Hole #9 Robert

    “My husband always thinks he’s right when he’s not. I can’t stand him any longer.”

  • A-Hole #10 Brittany

    “You are not a good mom. You keep leaving our kids with your mom and hanging out at parties.”

  • Check out this video on How to deal with A-Holes