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Celebrate Batman Day: The Best and Worst to Play the Dark Knight

Happy Batman Day! On September 17, Batman Day, fans from all over the world celebrate the Dark Knight. The third Saturday in September is always the day to salute the Caped Crusader.

Batman Day is a worldwide event. Think about the most enduring superhero of all time, and we’re certain that Batman  comes to mind.

Every year on September’s third Saturday, we honor Batman and the timeless ways in which his life has been told in comic books and movies. On this batacular day we praise the pop culture hero. Gothamites from all over the world pay tribute to Batman’s legacy. For the past 80 years, Batman has grown in popularity as a symbol of justice for followers everywhere.

There are lots of cool ways to get into the Batman spirit.

Be sure to stop by your local comic shop and pick up two special comics for free at participating comic book stores: Batman: Hush #1 Batman Day Special.

Also for the little kids you can grab a Batman Day Special Edition copy of  Batman’s Mystery Casebook.

Are you ready for more Batman day festivities? You can Check it out here!

In honor of this Years Batman Day celebration we are counting down the Best to the Worst versions of Batman in Film. From most loved to most loathed…

  • Ben Affleck

    The best actor to play Batman in my opinion is Ben Affleck. When the actor was first announced to play the character I thought like many other fans. No way. All I could think of were flashes of the actor from his movie Daredevil. Yikes, that movie was bad. But when I saw him in Batman V Superman. All that changed. His Tired and war-weary Batman branded his victims, swore and was willing to employ lethal force and weapons upon his enemies. He was ruthless, harsh, and badass enough to put a beating on Superman. But it’s his interaction with the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League that really makes him the best Batman. Telling the Joker, “I will f***ing Kill you.”

  • Christian Bale

    Just when the world thought that Michael Keaton’s Batman couldn’t be touched… Along came Christian Bale. Batman Begins was the reboot that saved the franchise. Bale’s Batman would have a three picture arc that perfectly rooted the Dark Knight into the real world. For the first time, audiences believed that Batman could exist in our world. Christian Bale perfectly played Bruce Wayne’s billionaire playboy attitude with Bruce Wayne’s early emotional turmoil. His Batman was frightening with his growl like voice and stealth ninja reflexes. Not only did Bales Batman give us the best version of the Joker to date, but also iconic villains like Bane. Bales Batman films were the best Batman Solo films thus far. 

  • Michael Keaton

    In June 1989, Batman would never be the same. Michael Keaton debuted as the caped crusader for Tim Burton’s Batman. My kid brain nearly exploded when Keaton uttered the words, “I’m Batman.” I’ll never forget that moment. Comic book movies changed Hollywood forever in that moment. There was controversy around Michael Keaton’s choice to play Batman as well. Most fans, myself included, couldn’t see Mr. Mom as the Bat. However, in the end, Keaton would be one of the Best Batmans of all time.

  • Robert Pattinson

    Although Robert Pattinson’s time as Batman is still very much in the early stages, the actor’s audacious approach has already made a big impression. Many fans early on were not so sure about the Twilight actor being cast as The Dark Knight. Myself included. But it seems that very well may be the sign that the actor is perfect for the role. Michael Keaton, and Ben Affleck were both hated originally by most fans. However, after their film’s release, they seemed to earn respect from the fans. Robert Pattinson portrays Batman like a punishment, taking the law into his own hands by mercilessly beating criminals, while also playing up the Dark Detective aspect missing from previous films.

  • Kevin Conroy

    If we are going to mention great Batman portrayals, then we have to mention Batman: The Animated Series. Kevin Conroy voice the Dark Knight in the critically acclaimed series. Some say that his performance is the true voice of the caped crusader. Conroy has played the character more than any one actor to date. From DC Animated Original Movies to video games, even in a live action for the CW Arrowverse.


  • Adam West

    My favorite Batman when I was a little kid in the 80s. I remember watching the reruns of the 60s Batman show starring Adam West. The actor who played Batman on television is credited with giving the character a much more cartoonish appearance and reputation than any previous actor.
    However, this campy approach doesn’t match the focused detective techniques of the comic book character. Or the gritty Batman we get with the later films.

  • Will Arnett

    Speaking of campy Batmans, we can’t leave out the great Will Arnett. The LEGO Movie’s Will Arnett, is a fantastic footnote in Batman history. Arnett combined the gritty style of a live action Batman with the humor and campiness that appeals to children. Big kids like me too. If you haven’t seen the animated film from 2013 featuring his LEGO-fied Batman, you are defiantly missing out.

  • Val Kilmer.

    It seems like whenever Warner Bros as a good thing going, they will find a way to screw it up. Batman Forever was the beginning of the end for the early Bat franchise. Warner decided that Tim Burton’s Batman wasn’t kid friendly enough for sponsors like Mcdonalds. So they went with a new director by hiring Joel Schumacher, which brought the casting of Val Kilmer instead of Keaton. Oh, and Bat nipples too. Batman Forever had nipples on Val Kilmer’s Bat Suit. Because what’s more kid friendly than Batman and Robin’s nipples?
    Following Michael Keaton’s Batman was an almost impossible task. So what can we say about Kilmer’s Batman? Not as bad as Clooney.

  • George Clooney

    There is no way George Clooney ever took the role of Batman seriously. How could he? Batman and Robin are by far the WORST Batman movie to date. Batman wore ice skates, for christ’s sake. The Bat nipples are also back, also we are subjected to up-close shots of Batman’s behind. Let’s not forget about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s awful one-liners throughout the film. Clooney’s Batman is so bad that the actor has apologized repeatedly for his contribution to the Batman lore.



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