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Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

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Make sure to check station prices every time you get gas: drivers can save $200 per year by checking gas prices in their area before their fill-ups.

On Big Mama and the WiLD BUNCH today, we spoke about our frustrations with current gas prices.

Gas prices get higher but we still are paid the same. How will we survive this inflation?

We requested our audience to text in The Absolute Text Line

(239) 765-1039 with the locations they have found currently in SWFL with the cheapest gas prices. If you find some places feel free to text the line.


Check out the list below!

Thank you all who texted in this information will be very useful.


  • Susie from Fort Myers

    Sam’s Club at 3.67

    5170 Cleveland ave

    Fort Myers, Fl

  • Mark from Fort Myers

    Chevron at 3.67

    3005 Cleveland Ave

    Fort Myers, FL

  • Jamie from Fort Myers

    Sunoco at 3.79

    4087 Palm Beach Blvd

    Fort Myers, FL

  • Patrick from Cape Coral

    76 at 3.90

    1625 Kismet Pkwy E,

    Cape Coral, FL 

  • Jason in Cape Coral

    Mobil at 3.90

     1020 Santa Barbara Blvd,

    Cape Coral, FL 


  • Cindy in Lehigh Acres

    Murphy’s at 3.90

    2517 Lee Blvd,

    Lehigh Acres, FL