Florida Is #4 Worst State To Visit This Fall. That ranking comes from LawnStarter. Well at least we not the #1 worst. That title goes to Hawaii, although I would never turn down a trip to the islands for fall.

I have friends in other parts of the country telling me how nice the air is starting to feel, as in cool and crisp. I get up every morning hoping when I step outside I’ll feel something similar. Alas, all I feel is heat and humidity. Fall in Florida is not like fall anywhere else. Sure we might see some leaves changing here and there, but not much.

Perhaps if we were to leave Southwest Florida and drive to North Florida things would look a little different. However, the scenery there still can’t compare to places like the Carolina’s, Northeast, or Pacific Northwest.

Fall Foliage

Trees in full bloom near the Washington Monument on the National Mall

To really enjoy the fall we need to plan a little weekend getaway.  If you are feeling so inclined, perhaps this list will inspire you. The top states to visit for fall were chosen using a variety of data such as projected number of weeks with fall foliage.

Other considerations include the number of fall festivals and fall-like things to do. Think corn mazes (so not Florida), pumpkin patches and hayrides. Then there are locations to see the foliage such as hiking trails and state parks. One more fact that put Florida low on the list, ready for it? Hurricane risk. Seriously, that is a factor.

If Florida is the #4th worst state to visit this fall, then what are the best destinations? Click here for a complete list then…

Look here for the top ten and some stunning photos.