Of all of the crazy lists the Sunshine State tops, this one isn’t so bad I suppose. Florida is 5th most gym obsessed state in the nation according to a new study by Fitness Volt. They came up with the rankings by analyzing Google Trends for the last 12 months. Those trends include searches for things associated with fitness. Things such as “gym membership,” “body building,” “yoga near me” and  more. I guess they figure if we are searching over and over for health and fitness here, we must be obsessed.

Shape Up In HollywoodSince we are in shorts and bathing suits year round in Florida, it seems logical that gyms and fitness are important. It is part of the culture and lifestyle here. Just take a drive in any community and you are bound to see some kind of gym, training facility or fitness center.

Just in case you are wondering what the least obsessed states are, #5 is Iowa. Fourth on this list is Mississippi and third is West Virginia. Rounding out the top two, in order are, North Dakota and South Dakota. You would think in those two cold weather states people would be craving the warmth of a gym. Perhaps it’s a simple matter of population size…smaller.

Florida is 5th most gym obsessed state in the U.S. so which states rank higher?

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