Fathers Day Gift

If you’re shopping for a Fathers Day gift and like me you like to buy presents at a gas station or liquor store – score! I’ve highlighted 4 Florida lottery scratch off tickets that could soon hit big. Also, I bought a couple of these tickets last weekend so I’ll tell you how it went.

Florida Lottery Tickets Make A Great Fathers Day Gift

Before I get to my recommendations, let me start off by saying I’ve been very streaky lately. Back in the end of May, I did some side work for someone in Estero and picked up an extra hundred bucks. Wanting to let it ride, I bought two $50 scratch off tickets. Nothing. A hundred dollars gone.

Two weekends ago I went to the casino in Immokalee on Friday night and saw Billy Currington. Then on Saturday it was Wayne Newton. Thanks to some luck on the machine I call “Monkey Fireballs”, after tickets, gas, and lots of drinks, I still ended the weekend $72 ahead.

Last weekend was the Belmont Stakes, so we went to the Brass Tap in Bonita Springs to put some money on the horses. I decided to do the “go big”, so for the 12th race (the main one), there were two horses with 17 to 1 odds. So I put $18 bucks on one of them. The other horse with the 17-1 odds won and my pick finished at the back. Womp womp. But I did make it to the Florida Everblades game and watched them win the Kelly Cup!

Cam Johnson lifts the Kelly Cup after a monumental Everblades win
Camille Frick
Cam Johnson lifts the Kelly Cup after a monumental Everblades win

Back To Fathers Day Gift Ideas.

Ok, so let’s get to it. Florida Dads are hard to buy for. Generally they just buy the smaller things they really want, making Fathers Day gift giving incredibly difficult. Maybe with all this rain we’re getting, buying him a canoe is the way to go. But those things are expensive – so here’s the play. Get a card (or have your kid make one), then shove a Florida Lottery ticket in it. You’re done.

$2000 For Dad

While You’re Here, There’s Also A Contest You Could Try.

It’s a contest to win $2,000. Have a look. Now back to the scratch offs.

Florida Lottery Tickets That Haven’t Hit Big Yet.

I like to buy tickets that have all their big winners still out there. And since Fathers Day gift budgets vary, the 4 that I picked range from $1 to $50. I’ll admit, my method has not worked for me, yet, but I think it’s as good a method as any. So here’s 4 Florida Lottery Scratch Off Tickets with none of the grand prizes claimed, yet. All the big wins are still out there.

Please play responsibly, and if money’s tight – stick to the $1 card. Dad will appreciate that. Happy Fathers Day!

  • UNO

    Florida Lottery UNO ticket

    (Florida Lottery)

    It’s a $3 ticket with a top prize of $150,000, and all 8 of the big winners are still out there. It’s probably the only way you can play UNO with your dad without starting a fight.

    Scratch YOUR UNO™ CARDS and BONUS CARDS one at a time to reveal the number and color of each card, then scratch the matching cards on the GAME BOARD. If your matching cards complete a horizontal LINE on the GAME BOARD, win corresponding PRIZE.

  • $100 LOADED

    $100 Loaded Florida Lottery Ticket

    (Florida Lottery)

    A $1 ticket with a top prize of $5,000. There’s 12 big winners out there with none of them claimed, yet. Actually, its a pretty new card with a lot of prizes remaining.

    Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to the WINNING NUMBER, win PRIZE shown for that number. Get a “STAR” symbol, win PRIZE shown automatically. Get a “$100 BURST” symbol, win $100 automatically!


    Gold Rush Legacy ticket

    (Florida Lottery)

    Ok, let’s get to the $20 ticket. Gold Rush Legacy has a top prize of $10 million dollars, with 4 of those lucky cards out there. There’s 20 of the one million dollar winners, with two of them already being claimed. Still – a lot of winners out there.

    Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING NUMBERS, win PRIZE shown for that number. Get a “NUGGET”“COINS” or “24K” symbol, win 5, 10 or 20 TIMES the PRIZE shown for that symbol. Get a “GOLD BAR” symbol, win $500 instantly! Match a WINNING NUMBER to any BONUS spot, win the amount for that spot!

  • 500X THE CASH

    500X The Cash Florida Lottery ticket

    (Florida Lottery)

    As promised, there’s a $50 card on this list. 2 lucky winners on this card will win $25 million dollars. And those 2 have not been claimed yet. There’s also 160 of the one million dollar winning tickets, but 35 of those have already been claimed. Still a lot left. This is the ticket I bought a couple weeks ago. Got 2 of them from the Publix Liquors on Corkscrew and 41 in Estero. Both were duds, losing a $100 like that stings a bit, but I bounced back with a trip to the casino.

    Match any of YOUR NUMBERS or any of the BONUS NUMBERS to any WINNING NUMBER, win PRIZE shown for that number. Get a “2X”“5X”“10X”“20X”“50X”“100X” or “500X” symbol and win 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500 TIMES the PRIZE shown for that symbol! Get a “STAR” symbol and win DOUBLE all 40 PRIZES!


  • Happy Fathers Day

    These stats are as of June 11, 2024 at 10:30 am. If you want to make sure you see the most updated data, here’s the website where I found it. Just to be clear, I’ve never won big playing this method. This is purely for entertainment.

    Happy Fathers Day!

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