(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Bonnie Sweeten, formerly of Pennsylvania and now a resident of New Jersey is in trouble again. You may remember her original story from 13 years ago. That’s when she was “kidnapped” to Disney World.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer “In the 2009 kidnapping hoax case, Sweeten called 911 and claimed to have been carjacked along with her 9-year-old daughter. Sweeten, who is white, said that two Black men had rear-ended her SUV in Lower Bucks County (Pennsylvania) and abducted the girl and her. Sweeten told the dispatcher that she was calling from the trunk of the kidnappers’ Cadillac, triggering a massive police dragnet.”

However, Bonnie and her daughter turned up at one of the Disney World resorts in Orlando. She had used a former co-workers ID to purchase plane tickets. She got 9 months in jail for that scheme.

Next up, in 2012 she was sentenced to 100 months in jail for a scheme to steal a million dollars while working as a paralegal in Pennsylvania.

In her latest fail, she somehow got a job at a New Jersey excavating company. Get this, someone hired her as a bookkeeper. She was in jail for fraud and theft from a company she worked for. What do you think happened? She allegedly issued dozens of company checks to herself; stole checks that had been mailed to the company and signed them over to herself, and used a company credit card for personal purchases.

Finally, this may be the end of her story. She faces 40 years in prison. It should certainly be the last time she’ll be kidnapped to Disney World.


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