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We are two months away from the exact date of Tax Day April 18th. This year it was changed from the 15th because it is Emancipation Day, which is a legal holiday in D.C.

There’s a rumor going around that Tax Season will be a mess this year due to IRS staffing shortage and a supply chain issue too. So if you want to receive your refund fast, you need some tips and tricks to do so.


Here are four tips according to an article on

  • 1. File Asap.

    Instead of waiting one more day get it done pronto!

  • 2. Use E-Filing

    Don’t mail your tax forms there’s a simpler, faster way electronic filing. The Irs says e-filing can get you a refund in 21 days at least twice as fast as if you use the mail.

  • 3. Don't Make Mistakes

    Getting audited is bad and slows down the process. If there minor mistakes it may be audited so just make sure everything is correct.

  • 4. Request Direct Deposit

    If you let the IRS send you a check through the mail you may get it in 2 weeks but depositing in your account is clearly the best.