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Today was an eventful morning on Big Mama and The Wild Bunch Show. I almost cut a man’s finger off not just any man. The Illusionist Wayne Hoffman was in the studio and boy was I scared. He did two tricks and one was me holding a knife and him blindfolded. It was a very scary moment, and I did not know what the outcome was going to be. Well, it turned out good, but I almost died. He did walk away with all his fingers. You can listen to the showdown below on our podcast.

Wayne Hoffman will be at the Hertz Arena on March 11th for a fun family event. We are giving away free tickets to the show. Call in and try to win.

Check out our pics down below!

  • Big Mama and The WiLD BUNCH with Wayne Hoffman


  • Michelle Ayyyyy and Wayne Hoffman after the Stabbing or Not!!!

  • Listen in on the Show!

    Wayne Hoffman: Mind Reading and Magic