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(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

My reason for watching the award shows might not be the purpose of these events, but I love the fashion these celebrities wear. According to Vogue, my choices are all a part of their Best Dressed Stars at The 2022 SAG Awards.

I picture myself and where I’d be going with these outfits.
Kerry Washington’s yellow dress was one of my favorite dresses. I’d go to my Birthday Ball where everyone would dress up in ball gowns and tuxedos. I’d feel like a real-life princess.

Vanessa Hudgens dress was so sleek and sexy I see myself attending the Versace Mansion in south beach for dinner and dancing.

Lady Gaga’s Gucci angelic dress would be my choice, as I would be the host of an event on stage talking and presenting awards.

Salma Hayek’s dress would be a dress I’d wear to a spring or summer wedding. I love this salmon color. It’s so beautiful and feminine.

Elle Fanning’s 2 piece suit I would wear as I host a meeting of my woman empowerment group, Ladies Investment Ventures.

and Emilia Jones in Givenchy would be worn at an Island party with my date or my ladies having a great time outside by the water.

Check My Favorite Choices Below and envision yourself in these beautiful pieces.