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Here are some Normal Things Our Pets Are Hilariously Afraid of.

If I had to compare my dog to a celebrity, it would be Scooby Doo. Not only because he loves to eat, but because he’s a scaredy-cat.

Well… Scaredy dog actually. I guess what I’m trying to say is my dog is afraid of everything. The other night a shadow moved across the wall and it might as well of be a ninja hiding in the shadows

. He freaked out. He was terrified of his own shadow. It doesn’t end there. My dog also doesn’t like bugs, he’s afraid of the vacuum cleaner, oh and other dogs too.

Once he came across a rabbit outside and you would have thought he saw the devil. Yes, my dog is afraid of a lot of things. But he’s not alone.

Many of you I’m sure have pets who are also scared of a lot of random things. Sure mostly it’s thunderstorms or the sporadic firework show, those things all seem to scare our pets. However, here are some everyday things that also scare our beloved animals.

Some of the things that made the list is cucumbers. Yes, cucumbers can be very frightening. Just ask the cats in the video below what they think about the elusive vegetable. Also making a list of gasping. Usually, whenever I gasp in front of my pet, it’s not for a good reason. It’s when they chew something of mine or pee on something. So it comes as no surprise that gasping makes our pets a little uneasy. Some of the other everyday things on the list include reflections because what’s not scary about looking at yourself and, of course, the infamous vacuum cleaner? If my dog was superman, the vacuum cleaner would be Lex Luthor. We’re talking arch nemesis Status.

  • Cucumbers

  • Gasping

  • Bugs

  • Reflections

  • The vacuum

  • Escalators

  • Masks

  • YouTube

  • Toys

  • Farts

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