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Does Your Dog, Parrot, or Lizard have its own social media? We are looking for SWFL animal social media pages. There are animals that have 83.6k views wow way more than I have I’ll tell you that much. I’ve included the Top 10 Famous Social Media Animals below.

I do have a special place in my heart for animal pages on social media. When I feel like I need a laugh or if I’m feeling down and see a cute affection moment of an animal online, it truly makes my day!

On Big Mama and The WiLD BUNCH today we talked about Budman and Big Mamas’ dogs.
Budman’s dog is a Chiorkie a mix of Chihuahua and a Yorkie. His name is Bruno and he has the cutest social media page. He’s too cute check him out down below.

Don’t forget to tag @b1039radio on your favorite animals’ page. We will be giving away prizes to the best animal social media pages on Monday 4th, 2022.

  • Bruno Budman's Dog has an Instagram @we_just_talk_about_Bruno

    Bruno Budman's Dog

  • Top 10 Famous Animal Social Media Animals