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Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

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Big Mama spoke today on Big Mama and The WiLD BUNCH Show of a method he uses to calm down lately, and it has been working. I wanted to share with you because it is important to maintain self-control. I think due to all these recent changes, a lot of people have been suffering from anxiety and anger issues. Big Mama said it’s by focusing in through your senses. I think about myself and what I do to calm down and I just noticed that chewing gum definitely helps me. He spoke about taste and about what chewing gum does to me and if I need to focus on something or if I feel a bit anxious, chewing gum really does help. Have you thought about what may be some things you already do? These tips can be done all together or you may choose the right one for you.

I also included a video you should watch according to Dr. Sood ” a very unhappy brain, became very happy.” It teaches you how to meditate with your eyes open.

If this helps you, remember to share these tips with others.

  • 1. See

    Think of things you can see a tree, the sky, or even your own hands.

  • 2. Feel

    Think of 4 things you can feel like your heartbeat the warm sun etc.

  • 3. Listen

    Listen around you for things you can hear. Cars, a clock, or even the wind.

  • 4. Smell

    What can you smell right now cologne, coffee, or even unpleasant smells.

  • 5. Taste

    Focus on things you can taste like chewing gum, a mint, or even your own lips.

  • Watch this video: A Very Happy Brain