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BIG MAMA and THE WiLD BUNCH spoke about this on the Wednesday Show. There were lots of comments South West Florida texted in and called in, some were just too crazy to put on the show. Man this is a new year and being a jerk should not be on your list but maybe you might not be aware of your jerk traits and that they are driving the people of SWFL mad. Well let me help you down below I compiled a list of The Top 10 things that make you a Jerk in 2022.” These comments are straight from the people so don’t be mad at me if there are more than 2 things that sound like the things you do. Just look within yourself and make a drastic change for the better of the community. LOL.

  • Blocking Homes Driveways When Picking Up Kids At School

    It’s entirely rude to be parked at the end of the driveway of a complete stranger. Yes, they may have known this came with the territory but the man put yourselves in their place especially when they are exiting and entering their own home.


  • Getting Mad at a Cashier for the Store's Prices

    We do know that the cashier has no authority to change prices? Check your anger because not even the owner of the supermarket is in the building. I say take a breather calm down and ask nicely!

  • Taking up Two Parking Spaces

    Especially, when it is a packed house and there is no more parking. Be careful some people will truly be upset and may even damage your car. Be mindful of others needs not only your immediate one.

  • Not Replacing the Toilet Paper Roll After You've Finished the Current One

    Now you know someone is going to sit there do there business and need some paper. Well if your family, you’ll get the yell out request “Get Me Some Toilet Paper,” and that’s what you get. To avoid those interruptions just replace the toilet paper! Simple.

  • Playing Music/Videos/any Sounds from your Phone in a Public Area at Full Blast Without Headphones

    Noise Pollution is very rude. Not everyone enjoys the same music nor is it nice to be so loud in a close knit environment. Please Quiet your phones!