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If reading isn't your thing, revisit one of your favorite TV shows again. There have been numerous studies/articles that have emerged since the pandemic that touch on how binging a show you've seen many times is a form of self-care and acts as a soothing force. So, never feel guilty for rewatching a series for the 12th time! You're just looking out for your well-being.

We have shows we love and shows that bring us back to our childhood we will never forget. On Big Mama and The WiLD BUNCH Show we spoke about The Greatest Tv Show of All Time and there were so many great responses. Big Mama chose Entourage he said ” he made an event of every episode with his guy friends at his house food, drinks and Entourage was a great time.” I absolutely loved that show and was sad to see it go. I learned a lot of the entertainment business on that Entourage show.

Budman chose Smallville on The CW network he absolutely loves DC and Marvel characters so if you love it like Bud you’ll love this show too.

I (Michelle Ayyyyy) chose  In Living Color. When I was growing up as a young dancer I watched Jennifer Lopez on that show dancing and pictured myself one day doing the same! Plus the opening song was so motivational for me, it spoke directly to me. Plus, the comedies and actors like Jim Carey and Jamie Fox were hilarious.

Check below I posted the trailers in case you want to check out these shows for yourself!

  • Big Mama's Pick: Entourage

  • Budman's Pick : Smallville

  • Michelle Ayyyyy's Pick : In Living Color