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Gas prices are affecting us all these days. We can’t seem to stop complaining about it, because daily we see the changes that are happening around us due to this increase. For example, today I went to get gas and there was no mid grade gas and I did something I would never do. I only put 20$ in my tank. I dislike putting gas and I try to fill that tank up every time I’m at the pump. I always wonder why we can’t we use solar energy for our cars? Things that make you go hmm.

Big Mama owns and drives a truck to work, he also stated that he put $20 and the gas didn’t even fill up 1/4 tank. Budman isn’t take any leisure drives because of the gas prices he’d rather just stay home. I figured we have been complaining so much I’d like to put together a list on how to save money on gas while driving. According to, there are 2o things you can do to save gas while driving.
We listed the ones that work for us down below.

I hope this helps! Make sure you share with those drivers that really need it!

  • 1.Drive Less

  • 2. Buy gas early or late in the day.

    – Gas is cooler earlier in the day, and more dense. As temperatures rise, gas density falls and you get less of it when you pump.

  • Turn off the engine.

    – Turn off your vehicle you are waiting, excess idling is a major waste of gas.

  • Avoid gas stations near the highway

     Gas stations near the highway are usually the most expensive.

  • Slow down and drive steady.

    Driving fast increases drag, which increases fuel consumption.

  • Choose the best route.

    The shortest route isn’t always the most fuel-efficient way to go. Use the route with the least stop signs and stop lights.

  • Download a gas app.

    Using an app can really help you save at the gas pump – sometimes more than $0.20 per gallon.

  • Monitor your tires.

    Under-inflated tires tend to wear out quicker and waste gas.

  • Manage your speed.

    Use cruise control whenever possible to manage your speed and conserve fuel.

  • Try to brake less.

    Braking excessively wastes gas.