Here we are in the midst of another Southwest Florida tourist and snowbird season. It’s not just us. Towns and beaches across Florida are packed full. So which beaches can you go to – if you want to avoid the crowds? One thing to remember, tourists and especially snowbirds watch the news to see what the weather will be like. If there’s a chance of rain, most people won’t venture out to the beach. That’s your best day. We’ve scored free parking on Bonita Beach public access on days in January when it was a little drizzly in the morning. They all came out later when the sun peaked through around noon, but we had already established our prime spot. And the best way to avoid people once you have your spot? A tent. And not a big wide open tent. One like this:

This is how you do the beach when you don’t really like sun. Or the sand. Or people.

Posted by Joe Winner on Saturday, August 22, 2020

I opened the side flaps before I took the picture, but if you put the flaps down and push the tent fairly close to the water it’s like being out there all by yourself. Mind the tide charts if you want to get really close to the water.

But what if you can’t wait for a cloudy day and you need some beach time now? keyed us on to  some lessor visited beaches in Florida. But why? Sometimes they’re a little out of the way, and one here in Southwest Florida even requires a ferry to get to. It’s pretty simple, people want convenience and if it takes some work to get there they will normally not bother. So if want some sun and some sand, without all the people, here are 10 Florida beaches you can visit to avoid the crowds.

If you just want to get something to eat near the beach here in Southwest Florida, that’s here:  The Best Southwest Florida Restaurants With Waterfront Views