Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

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Big Mama was a judge at the Food Truck Wars. He ate many kinds of foods, hibachi egg roll, lasagna on a stick, all sorts of seafood, chicken wings and so much more. Since he was the judge, he did not know what food was from what food truck, but they all loved Mr. Rice guy Sushi because he was the winner at the Food Truck Wars. Big said, “these guys did it right. They had a show while people waited in line for their food.” But Big Mama said, “he did gain some weight this weekend.” That must’ve been a great weekend.

Budman is celebrating his new pup and his daughter is super excited. Listening to him talk about it today, it seems he’s the one who can’t get enough of his puppy Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix named Bruno. All day we said Oh no we don’t talk about Bruno no no no. Great name to reflect our current times and the #1 movie Encanto. Both Big Mama and I can not wait to meet this new puppy, Bruno.

Dimarco and I visited the Food Truck Wars and enjoyed clam chowder and fried shrimp, calamari, paired with an amazing garlic sauce we couldn’t get enough of. The place was super packed, and it was a little chilly. The lines were long but well worth the wait because the food was so so good. We took lots of pictures and videos. We also saw when they announced the winners as they were super excited and won their prizes. The day was a beautiful sunny day with a little breeze that kept us wanting more of that warm New England Clam chowder. We look forward to the next Food Truck Wars.

Check our pictures below!!

  • Big Mama A Judge for the Food Truck Wars

  • Budman Welcomes a New Member To The Family

    Budman and his daughter Kara Zor-El welcome Bruno

  • Michelle Ayyyyy Stuffed her Face with Dimarco