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Michelle Ayyyyy hosting an Annual Gala for Ladies Investment Ventures.

Weekend Shenanigans with Big mama and The WiLD Bunch can be fun or just relaxing and that is exactly how did this weekend went for them.
Big Mama was out in Fort Myers Beach, while Budman stayed home and rested this chilly weekend. Michelle Ayyyyy totally did her own thing and hosted an extravagant Gala and looked stunning in a local designer’s dress and all for a good cause. We Hope you had as much fun as they did this cold and breezy weekend.

  • Big Mama hanging out with his wife on Fort Myers Beach

    “Everybody needs to take a picture under the Fort Myers Beach Pier. I spent an amazing time with family out on Fort Myers Beach” Big Mama said.


  • Budman's Chilly Getaway

    It was freezing over the weekend. I stayed home and watched Encanto and Ratatouille with my daughter Kara`Zorel on the couch and under the covers, the best place on earth. Also, was able to add to my He-Man collection. I spent a much needed relaxed weekend at home.”




  • Michelle Ayyyyy Hosted Women Empowerment Gala


    It was so much fun to get all dolled up and host an event for a great cause, Ladies Investment Ventures Annual Gala. My dress was made by a local designer Rick Rhodes Fashion in about 48 hours. I was amazed and felt stunning. I love hosting and being a part of the community. Til the next Weekend Shenanigans. Enjoy your weekdays listening to Big Mama and the Wild Bunch 6am-10am Monday -Friday.