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Today on the BIG MAMA and The WiLD BUNCH Show we had a segment where we had all the listeners call and text in “What Do You Hate That Everyone Loves,” and the text line was on fire.

I truly couldn’t think of anything I hate that people love. Hate is such a strong word and I will try anything more than once, so I had only one answer for that. I hate Negative Energy and some people love it often, even subconsciously. While Big Mama had a list of items, he hates, I believe we can all agree a lot of people love mashed potatoes, ranch, sour cream, and so much more that he hates that we all love. Budman understands and respects people’s love for sports, but he’s not a fan. Down below SWFL is exposed, I will list our listener’s responses for “What Do You Hate That Everyone Loves.”



  • I hate Beets.

  • I hate lazy people.

  • I hate dolphins.

  • I hate Rap Music.

  • I hate Cats.

  • I hate Coffee.

  • I hate Arepas.

  • I hate Seafood

  • I hate Pumpkin Flavor.

  • I hate beer it looks like pee.

  • I hate Celery.

  • I hate Watermelon.

  • I hate Mcdonalds French Fries

  • I hate Liver but I love Liver pate

  • The Best One is I hate other radio stations except B1039

    Thank you to whoever wrote this we truly appreciate ya!