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Phobias are very real and you won’t believe what people in Florida are scared of most.

I’m severely scared of snakes. I had a few instances when I was 6 years old that I remember so vividly that now at the age of 38 I’m still not over. A friend’s dad had a snake, a HUGE ball python, and let’s just say I woke up at a sleepover to it licking my face wrapped around the bed frame. All these years later, I just can’t shake it. And living in Florida, there are snakes. Yes, I’ve avoided pythons, but anytime I see even a black racer my heart skips a beat. Not kidding, I saw an almost 10-foot shed skin the other day in my backyard. NOT ok!! So yes, my phobia is definitely snakes.

Maybe to you, having a fear of snakes doesn’t make any sense. You could have a fear of flying, heights, public speaking. A college friend of mine has a fear of whales. I don’t understand it, but for her it’s VERY real. On the air the other day we heard from people who have a fear of clowns. An interesting phobia we heard was one of cotton balls. So while they don’t all make sense to to everyone, having fears in life are normal and no matter what you do, sometimes they just won’t go away.

More than 19 million Americans have some form of phobia. A study conducted by Floridabet.com looked at what people are scared of most in all 50 states. They analyzed Google searches relating to all things “phobias” to see what things were searched the most over the last year. I bet you’ll be surprised at #1.

Top 10 Things People in Florida are Scared of Most:

  • 10. Fear of Clowns

    Coulrophobia- 15,720 searches

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  • 9. Fear of Needles

    Trypanophobia- 15,720 searches

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  • 8. Fear of Large Objects

    Megalophobia- 36,480 searches

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  • 7. Fear of Being Stared At

    Scopophobia- 37,080 searches

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  • 6. Fear of Heights

    Acrophobia- 51,600 searches

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  • 5. Fear of Spiders

    Arachnophobia- 51,840 searches

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  • 4. Fear of Closed Spaces

    Claustrophobia- 79,800 searches

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  • 3. Fear of Vomiting

    Emetophobia- 100,320 searches

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  • 2. Fear of the Ocean

    Thalassophobia- 155,760 searches

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  • 1. Fear of Clustered Patterns of Irregular Holes

    Trypophobia- 397,200 searches

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