Comedian Josh Wolf and Big Mama compete in a British Accent contest

Josh Wolf a comedian, actor, and writer has written for a number of sitcoms, including All of Us and Cuts. He is best known for his regular appearances on the round table of E!'s late night talk show Chelsea Lately.  This morning Josh sat down and him and the show just lose it, they disucss…

Gary Spivey and Big Mama talk about a ring that was found

Psychic Gary Spivey talks to Big's about the Ring that his daughters friend found at Lake Park. What do you think of what he says? Listnen and and then tune in every Tuesday at 8am for Tapping in with Gary Spivey.

Things to have in 2018 including Big Mama's Breast Milk Pops

Big Mama was introduced to Kava tea and brought up things that you must have before the end of the year. Then the conversation turned into trendy thing for babies and Big Mama's wife, Sara buying breast milk frozen pop molds. 

Comedian Ms. Pat explains why she jumped off an overpass.

Comedian Ms. Pat sat down on the show and discussed her life and so many things. Big Mama says it was of the funniest 15 minutes with a comedian you could ever have. She discusses bring in jail, getting ran over, jumping off an over pass, and even being shot in the boob. Here the…

The Man Panel: Relationship Advice for the Masses

We have Dr. Meir Daller, Attorney  Michael E. Chionopoulos, Former Professional MLB Baseball Player Michael Tucker, Captain Brien from Off the Hook Comedy Club and the rest of the Wild Bunch take calls and emails about relationships.  This week a wife who takes her wedding ring off on girls night out, what will the panel have to…

Dr. Daller and Big Mama talk about the CDC Confirming 62 cases of polio like illnesses

Dr Daller joins the show and disucsses this week's biggest medicals stories. Up first we talk about a  new study by Imperial College London reveals that chocolate can make a man better in bed.  Follow that we talk about emotional eating and how to avoid it during the holidays and we wrap up the segment with…

Dennis Hof and Big Mama interview from the Grammy's

You wil hear this UNEDITED version of the podcast here. This was aired LIVE from the Red Carpet of the Grammy's. Dennis discusses if Andy Kaufman is still alive, plus he picked up a girl from Fort Myers and dated her for a while. Her name was Stacy, Do you think you might know her?