Everyone is Falling in Love With This Enormous Cat

Being on the internet, you know that many people are somewhat cat obsessed. Well, their favorite group of felines just grew by one. Thanks to the Chatham County Animal Shelter in Pittsboro, North Carolina, the internet has fallen in love with an obese cat.

A Young Student's Love for Papa John's Gets Her Into Yale

Writing a college essay is a chance for a student to tell their school of their dreams who they are as a person. Needless to say, this can be a tough task for any seasoned writer. One student, Caroline Williams, did not think of this as a daunting task and decided to have fun with…

The Weird Tale of Ireland's 'Lost Beach’

Located on Achill Island’s Dooagh beach in Ireland, a massive piece of their land returned. This may sound like a premise to an old wives tale, but this small community is celebrating the return of their missing beach. In the summer of 1984, a massive storm hit the town washing away the piece of land.

Hidden Valley Ranch Fountains for Sale

We all know that one person who is absolutely obsessed with ranch dressing. They put it on their salads, use it as dip for their pizzas, or put it on your wings come game time. It may even be you! Whatever you mainly use ranch dressing for, this new product may become an instant hit…