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Punta Gorda Child Gets New Toy Police Car After Vandal Destroys His

A 6 year boy in Punta Gorda had his Power Wheels Police car vandalized. According to NBC-2, the kid absolutely loved his little cop car. He put his battery powered squad car to good use too. The child would often dress up as a police officer and cruise around his neighborhood. He wanted the people who lived in the community to feel safe. Unfortunately, this little boy soon learned that despite his patrol, evil still lurked. Enter Erick Vega. This guy was arrested for destroying this kid's toy car. He cut the wires, slashed the seat belts and tore up the cars cover. Just awful. While there are villains in the shadows, there are also heroes that step up to save the day when needed, too. Managers from the Punta Gorda Walmart and Prompt Towing came to the rescue by delivering a new toy cruiser with  help from PGPD Chief Davis. Way to go, guys!

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