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The Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Is Really Wild

Our favorite volatile Marvel duo has joined once more in a new NSFW Deadpool & Wolverine trailer Monday morning (April 22). After Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is told he's not welcome at the bar he's in -- or anywhere, the seemingly depressed character tells the barkeep he'll go after he has one more drink. Deadpool & Wolverine's Pairing That's when Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool comes into view, cheerily saying to Wolverine, "Hi, peanut. I’m going to need you to come with me right now.” Wolverine, clearly smashed, raises a brow and dismisses Deadpool with a wave, "Look, lady, I'm not interested." The trailer contains plenty of R-rated language, sexual innuendos, big slow-motion action sequences, and drug references to satisfy the Deadpool universe that we know and love. Set to the tune of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer,” the new trailer for the third installment in the series was shared by Reynolds on social media this morning, adding in the caption: "Found the guy who killed Bambi’s mom." One fan commented, "Marvel Jesus and Marvel Daddy," while another called the duo: "Ol’ Ketchup and Mustard together again." Another fan swooned, "Seeing Hugh and Ryan share the screen as the characters they were both born to play is going to be magical." A third said, "You guys giving the fans what they want. Thank you [smiling crying emoji]." Giving huge praise, one fan commented, "The best movie marvel made this decade." [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="612"] (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)[/caption] Easter Eggs And Villains In Deadpool 3 Meanwhile, eagle-eyed fans noted things in the trailer we normies missed, like: "ANT MAN HELMET? DOCTOR STRANGE PORTAL?! AAAA." And Easter eggs and character introductions of "Copperhead, Lady Deathstrike, Cassandra Nova." As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the bald woman played by Emma Corrin seems to be the antagonist, Cassandra Nova. Noted by her bald head, beige trenchcoat, and ability to deflect Wolverine's claws with psychic powers, Nova is the evil twin sister of Charles Xavier. Per the comics, she used her powers to commit mutant genocide by unleashing deadly Sentinel robots. Copper Head is lit-up in a neon sign with a snake as Wolverine and Deadpool slow-mo walk by and there are apparently two Copperheads in the Marvel comics universe: one is a vigilante and the other is a really silly villain. The villain Copperhead (Davis Lawfers) is a Captain America villain and a member of the snake-themed terrorist group the Serpent Society. Then, Lady Deathstrike, who appeared in X2, was spotted in a frame with a giant Ant-Man helmet. She is surrounded by other characters who seem to be from former X-Men and Wolverine films: Calisto, Toad, and Starfish or Glob Hermman. Deadpool & Wolverine is set to arrive in theaters on July 26th. Watch the trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cen0rBKLuYE On Sunday, the Canadian actor, 47, teased the trailer on his socials, getting fans excited about the third film in the series. The third installment comes six years after Deadpool 2 was released. Back in February, the first look at Deadpool & Wolverine came during the Super Bowl. As we previously reported, Succession's Matthew Macfayden works for the TVA (the Time Variance Authority) and arrests Wade (Deadpool) in the teaser. As we’ve seen in the Loki Disney+ series, the TVA is a cosmic organization that keeps timelines in order. Fans were already loving the banter between Deadpool and Wolverine right from the start. [select-listicle listicle_id="448456" syndication_name="ryan-reynolds-thinks-these-disney-classics-deserve-r-ratings" description="yes"]

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