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The Best ‘ 50 Cent Upside Down At The Super Bowl ‘ Memes: Ranked

It doesn’t happen every year, but this Super Bowl was great from beginning to end. A good close game, and an amazing halftime show. Not sure why 50 Cent was upside down for part of his Super Bowl halftime performance, but I’d like to thank him. We got some great memes. Even Fitty himself joked about it. And I get it, he was recreating The “In Da Club” video. But that was a long time ago. Once he got himself upright, 50 Cent did his thing at the Super Bowl. [gallery ids="278989,278990,278992,278993"] There’s actually a pretty amazing series of Mary J Blige memes as well from last night but let’s stay focused  and take a look at the best memes from 50 pretending to be a bat and we’ll start with the best one. From 50 himself.