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HD Gallery: Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Tour – Miami, FL

Whether you're looking forward to seeing Dua soon, or you just want to relive that amazing concert in Miami, I have something for you. Up close and personal pictures of the Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Tour stop in Miami. Dua Lipa wore a neon yellow head-to-toe bodysuit and rhinestones on her eyelids and absolutely crushed the show. if there was any thing I could change, just one, it would be to see Bad Bunny come out for "Un Dia". That would be true Miami. Unfortunately BB was in Colorado with his own tour. If you want a full recap of the show, there's a great one here: Miami Times If you're just here some amazing pics of Dua dominating the stage of FTX Arena, here we go: [gallery ids="278866,278864,278863,278862,278861,278860,278859,278857,278856,278855,278854,278853,278852,278851,278850"]    

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