Sometimes dating can really be a numbers game so if you ever asked yourself ‘Is there anywhere in Florida that I can get a date ?’ this might be for you. Is it possible you’re living somewhere where the ratio is off? If you’re a man seeking a woman and there’s 3 dudes to every woman in that town, your odds are not great. Obviously in a man seeking man scenario this might work in your favor. So what cities should you avoid if you’re diving deep in the dating pool? And more importantly, where might be a good place to go where your odds may be better. Not every city in Florida has a 1:1 ratio, and with the help of ZipAtlas, we’ve been able to highlight the areas of Florida where that ratio is way off. Obviously if you’re young, rich, and attractive it doesn’t really matter. I’m not any of those things. But what I am good at – is math.

I’m not looking at minor deviations. There’s 1.31 males to every female in Labelle and with a population of 17, 902. Guys can make up for this by simply having a really nice golf cart. Labelle girls dig dudes with sweet golf carts.

Did you know in Port Charlotte there are .88 men to every women?  So what you’re saying is there’s a chance? Yea!

So let’s take a look at some Florida cities with an abnormally high men to women ratio. And we’ll also check out some places with a low men to women ratio. There’s one town in Florida where the women outnumber the men by almost 2 to 1! There’s a reason why, but I don’t want to dash your hopes before we get there. Let’s get started on where to find a date in Florida

  • 1. Raiford

    Male/Female ratio:  3.84

    Population: 3,095

    National Rank:  42

    Why? There’s 3 prisons there. Lotta dudes.

  • Malone

    Male/Female ratio:  3.22

    Population: 2,792

    National Rank:  61

    Why? Not sure. But they win a lot of basketball state championships.

  • Ochopee

    Male/Female ratio:  2.28

    Population: 128

    National Rank:  111

    Why? That ratio may be much higher actually. Maybe women don’t want to live in the swamp.

  • Lawtey

    Male/Female ratio:  2.21

    Population: 5,911

    National Rank:  115

    Why? Not sure. The city is featured in  That can’t be a good sign.

  • Carrabelle

    Male/Female ratio:  1.98

    Population: 3,556

    National Rank:  147

    Why? A fishing village. Not sure why there’s a near 2 to 1 ratio.

  • Homeland

    Male/Female ratio:  1.80

    Population: 283

    National Rank:  191

    Why? Not sure.

  • Sneads

    Male/Female ratio:  1.72

    Population: 5,287

    National Rank:  213

    Why? The town was named after a local dentist, and that’s just weird.

  • South Bay

    Male/Female ratio:  1.72

    Population: 3,895

    National Rank:  217

    Why? South Bay Correctional Facility

  • Jasper

    Male/Female ratio:  1.65

    Population: 8,307

    National Rank:  238

    Why? Unsure

  • Bristol

    Male/Female ratio:  1.60

    Population: 5,388

    National Rank:  258

    Why? The saw mills maybe?

  • Let's take a look at the LOWEST male-female ratios ie. more women than men at #10: Dunedin

    Male/Female ratio:  .83

    Population: 34,235

    National Rank:  26,381

    Why? 33% retired people, women live longer than men. Cougars.

  • Bronson

    Male/Female ratio:  .82

    Population: 3,412

    National Rank:  26,548

    Why? Super quiet little town.

  • Ellenton

    Male/Female ratio:  .82

    Population: 8,732

    National Rank:  26,567

    Why? Mostly older community, but also considerably higher household income. Are we saying men waste money on stupid things?

  • Day

    Male/Female ratio:  .81

    Population: 58

    National Rank:  26,593

    Why? Such a small population, that’s like, two people different.

  • Midway

    Male/Female ratio:  .80

    Population: 1,324

    National Rank:  26,666

    Why? More than 90% of the population is under 65, so it’s not a retirement spot. There’s just more women than men there. Interesting.

  • Palm Beach

    Male/Female ratio:  .79

    Population: 11,200

    National Rank:  26,702

    Why? There’s a LOT of money here, and for every 10 women, only 8 men. There’s at least 30 billionaires living there. Shoot your shot.

  • Bradley

    Male/Female ratio:  .79

    Population: 50

    National Rank:  26,726

    Why? Such a small population, that’s like, two people different.

  • Zellwood

    Male/Female ratio:  .75

    Population: 1,627

    National Rank:  Median age is 64 so this is just the science of men dying earlier than women.

  • Sun City Center

    Male/Female ratio:  .74

    Population: 16,321

    National Rank:  26,816

    Why? It’s a senior living center. As a single, older guy, this might be your spot.

  • Penney Farms

    Male/Female ratio:  .58

    Population: 309

    National Rank:  26,926

    Why? Straight up retirement community with women outnumbering men almost 2 to 1. It’s like a Golden Girls episode, but the whole town.

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