Favorite Florida pit stops hit Buc-ee’s.

Leaving Southwest Florida by car, often requires hours of driving. Road trip pit stops are inevitable and serve as inspiration for this travel series. Favorite Florida Pit Stops looks at places to literally pull off the side of the road for a break and a bite. However, when you are on an interstate such as I-75 or I-95, you can’t just pull over. An exit is required.  More often than not, areas directly off the interstate are littered with chains. Some are comforting favorites. However, some are best to steer clear of.

At the beginning of the year I traveled to Jacksonville with a friend. She was making frequent trips to Mayo Clinic.  Part of her routine was stopping at Buc-ee’s off of I-95 in Daytona. Having never stepped foot in the mega convenience store, my friend could not wait to introduce me.


Want some faux fur for you kids? But-ee’s has it. Lots of clothing.

What the heck is Buc-ee’s?

Buc-ee’s has been in business since the early 80’s. One of the locations in Texas is named the World’s Largest Convenience Store.  In fact, the majority of Buc-ee’s are in Texas. A few are sprinkled in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Only two in Florida.

So what is all the fuss about? First of all, there are dozens of pumps. I can’t imagine ever having to wait to fill up. Next, the food stations are crazy and are manned by employees cooking everything from BBQ to roasting nuts. However, the food case that my friend was most excited to show me was one filled with jerky. Several cases, dozens of kinds, lined up like penny candy.

In addition, there are sections full of merchandise, much like a department store. You’ll find everything from toys and trinkets, to clothing and housewares. Another friend of mine recently admitted to completing her Christmas shopping at Buc-ee’s last year. They family stopped for gas and bathrooms, while she grabbed the gifts.

Speaking of the bathrooms, there is no waiting in a hallway to storage closet like many convenience and gas stations.  The number of stalls rival an airport bathroom. The chain brags about their cleanliness. In addition, art lines the walls. It’s for sale.

Finally, here is a video of what I found. Favorite Florida pit stops hit Buc-ee’s. Just click the photo.

If you have any favorite Florida pit stops, let me know here.