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There’s One Simple, Easy To Follow Rule To Help Keep Your Child Safer At The Beach

The Southwest Florida beaches continue to reopen after being devastated by Hurricane Ian. There's been good crowds at Fort Myers Beach. Bonita Beach and Barefoot Beach have also found a way to reopen. With Lee and Collier County schools wrapping up for the year, a day out on the coast with the kids should be in order. It's important to keep an eye on your kids as they wade out from the beach into the gulf for some fun, but did you know there's one very simple thing you can do to help? Some swim tips provided by Life Time, Inc. included one very simple overlooked idea. Wear Bright Swimsuits Studies find that neon and bright-colored bathing suits are the safest and easiest to spot in the water. Pale and blue colors disappear and blend underwater. So maybe before you head out into the gulf, be it for beach time or boating, a new suit may be in order. Stop by Winds and get your kids something bright. This way if they wade out too far they'll be easier to spot. The other tips on the Life Time list: Follow the 25:10 Rule - If a child can't swim 25 meters (the length of most pools) without stopping, a parent must always be within 10 feet of their child. Preferably, in the water with them. Sign up for Swim Lessons – The earlier you start your children in swim lessons, the better. The younger children are when they start swimming, the more likely they'll excel and become confident in the water. Maintain a Maximum 1:3 Ratio of Guardians to Swimmers – Being able to observe and keep constant contact with all swimmers is key to safety. An adult should monitor no more than three swimmers at one time. Get CPR Certified – This skill can save a life in an emergency. Take Breaks Every Two Hours – Take this time to rest, rehydrate and reapply sunscreen before returning to the water for more fun. Not all Floatation Devices are Created Equal – There are many floatation devices that won't adequately protect kids in the water. It's important they wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Additionally, avoid air-filled floaties. If they pop, they may fill with water and drag children down.   [select-listicle listicle_id="354044" syndication_name="these-hurricane-supplies-are-tax-free-this-week" description="yes"]

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