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You wouldn’t normally get felony battery charges from stemming from thrown vegetables at a senior living community. Or is avocado a fruit? Anyway, this is Florida. And things can get a little wild in St. Petersburg.  39 year old Karleen Biswanger was living with her 68 year old boyfriend at the Viridian Apartments 62+ senior community in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.  That’s a bit of an age gap. I’m guessing Karleen needed a place to stay and the 68 year old man enjoyed her companionship.

According to the arrest report from Pinellas County, Karleen had been living with the man for roughly a year and the two had been engaging in consensual sexual intercourse. Not sure why that’s in the police report, apparently they thought it was important.

From the report: “The defendant threw an avocado at the victim’s face causing injury to his right eye.” She also threw a metal hanging rod at him which struck him in the arm. A neighbor witnessed some of the avocado attack.

Karleen was arrested for battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

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Miami Florida Woman Has Her Graduation Pictures Sold To A Stock Photo Site And Now She's On The Cover of an Erotic Novel Titled 'His Big Childhood Sweetheart'

This Miami Florida woman learned why you should always read the fine print. And now she’ll always be connected to an Erotic Novel Titled ‘His Big Childhood Sweetheart’. Christian Demeritt of Miami shared her story on Tik Tok which all started when she graduated college back in 2010.

Fresh off her theater degree, she needed some new headshots. So she met up with a recommended photographer at the park at Bayside. They took pictures in some different tops, she paid him $100 and everything seemed good. She was hoping to use the new pics to find work as an actress. What she didn’t do, was read the contract all the way through. And there’s always some fine print that’ll get ya.

Maybe the fact that he only charged her $100 should have been a red flag. The photographer sold her pictures to a ‘stock images site’. If you’re not familiar, these sites house millions of pictures of different people in different situations. And then websites (just like this one), can buy the pictures and do absolutely anything they want to do with them. The picture above? Yeah, that’s on Getty Images creative site. I can download that picture, drop it in Photoshop and do anything I want. And that’s how Christian ended up on the cover of ‘His Big Childhood Sweetheart’.

‘His Big Childhood Sweetheart’ From Amazon:

“After spending a few years abroad, Damien Carter is ready to get serious about his family’s business.

But when he reunites with his childhood friend, and that friendship turns into something more, things are bound to get complicated!

Especially since his friend is the daughter of his family’s maid!

Evelyn longs to be with Damien, but the differences in their social status has always held her back…

Yet now that Damien has returned no longer a boy but a man, she can no longer deny what’s in her heart!

But what will happen when Damien’s family catches wind of their relationship?

Will Damien and Evelyn be forced to break it off?

Or will love find a way?”


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