Southwest Florida Pollen Count Approaching ‘Very High” Levels

Snowbird season has ended in Southwest Florida, and while some are planning for hurricane season, there's another season we need to deal with first. Pollen season. And although Monday's rain helped reduce pollen counts, that was just a temporary reprieve. The Southwest Florida pollen count is rising and will be approaching "very high" levels by this weekend. Blame the trees. Southwest Florida Pollen Count Forecast. This is not looking idea for us. Pollen travels better with warm, dry and windy weather. A look at the extended weather forecast shows that it's not likely we'll see much rain the rest of this month. Add in some double digit winds, upper 80's temperatures, and we'll be seeing some ideal conditions for pollen. Not so ideal for allergy sufferers. The forecast for pollen shows that grass pollen will be in the 'high' range beginning this Thursday April 25th. Tree pollen will also be in the 'high' range beginning Thursday, but then switching to 'very high' this weekend and into next week. Mold, which is currently listed as 'low' will be increasing into the 'high' range by Monday. Allergy symptoms in Southwest Florida. The weather did us no favors. A mild winter and more rain than we're used to has produced a longer blooming season. Allergy sufferers can expect itching and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, congestion, and sore throats. The usual. Just know that if you're going to be outside this weekend that this is something you'll need to deal with. Comparing The Southwest Florida Pollen Count To The Rest Of The Country. Thinking of leaving town and going somewhere where the breathing is easier. Here's where not to go. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation Of America has come out with their Top 24 Allergy Capitals list. As you'll see, no Florida city cracked the top 10. 1. Wichita, Kansas 2. Virginia Beach, Virginia 3. Greenville, South Carolina 4. Dallas, Texas 5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 6. Tulsa, Oklahoma 7. Richmond, Virginia 8. Des Moines, Iowa 9. Raleigh, North Carolina 10. Fayetteville, Arkansas How Florida Ranks. The Florida pollen count doesn't compare to some of those places. The AAFA went on to list the 100 Most Challenging Places to Live with Pollen Allergies in 2024. Ranking at number 13 in the nation, and the worst in Florida for allergies - is Sarasota. Orlando, Florida is 16th on the list. Lakeland is at 33, Daytona Breach, Palm Bay, at 36 and 37. Tampa ranks nationally for allergies at 41. Then there's Cape Coral-Fort Myers at 44th. Miami is 48th. Comparatively, Florida is a better place to be for allergy sufferers. Just be glad you didn't take that job in Wichita. Ways To Reduce Those Allergy Symptoms. Stay inside when the Florida pollen count is high. But take steps to keep your inside air clean. Change those filters. Having an extra air purifier in the bedroom can help, too. Change your clothes, even consider taking a shower when you come in from outdoors. When the wind blows that pollen around, it's on your clothes, and in your hair. Go to the beach. There's currently no red tide in Southwest Florida so that salty fresh air should be a great way to spend some time outdoors without dealing with allergies. [select-listicle listicle_id="441455" syndication_name="signs-youll-live-a-long-life" description="yes"]

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