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Swifties Believe TTPD Will Be Added To The Eras Tour

It is just a "Fortnight" until Taylor Swift hits the road again, continuing her Eras Tour in Europe. Since the pop icon dropped her [inlink id="taylor-swift-drops-ttpd-double-album" text="11th studio album"], The Tortured Poets Department, a week ago, Swifties are believe this new album will be added to the Eras Tour. Naturally, Swifties took to social media to share their thoughts about the Easter eggs Swift loves to give fans. As we know, Swift's Eras Tour concerts last over three hours. On May 9, Swift will be in Paris for four nights, joined by Paramore. As we previously reported, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams thought Swift's songwriting on the album was "impressive." Though Swift hasn't clearly confirmed if TTPD will be added to the tour setlist, she dropped a YouTube Short that suggests she will. https://x.com/taylorswift13/status/1676608092509818882 Using audio from her opening album track with [inlink id="post-malone-raves-about-taylor-swift" text="Post Malone"], Swift posted a black-and-white clip on Thursday night (April 25). Captioning the #ForAFortnightChallenge video, "A fortnight til Paris [white heart emoji]," eagle-eyed fans broke down the hints in the video. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/F0TUVujmtxY Looks Like TTPD Will Be Added To The Eras Tour In the 15-second clip, Swift is seen practicing for her Eras Tour, singing, dancing, and playing the piano. One brief moment in the video sent Swifties into a frenzy. Swift is seen standing next to a silver railing that eagle-eyed fans quickly surmised was in the shape of the TTPD logo. Others also noted that the video appeared to feature new choreography and outfits that have not yet been rolled out, further proof that a new Era is potentially on the horizon. One fan commented, "HOW IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THE TTPD SIGN SHES LEANING AGAINST?! OR WHAT ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE DANCERS ARE IN TOP HATS!?! ALL OF THIS IS NEW [crying emojis]." Another excitedly asked: "YALL IS THIS A NEW TTPD ERA IN THE ERAS TOUR?!? OMGG DYING CRYING SCREAMING RNN." A third excited fan exclaimed, "HOW IS NO ONE NOTICING THAT THE BACKUP DANCERS HAVE A HAT ON THEIR HEAD AND THEY ARE PRACTICING SOMETHING NEW!!" Over on X (formerly Twitter), the theories were even more prevalent. A fan page pointed out: "The same shoes from the 'Fortnight' music video and a desk on the table teased during 'The Eras Tour' rehearsals for the European leg!" https://x.com/tswifterastour/status/1783661436071453051 Another Swiftie noted that the singer-songwriter teased the TTPD Era long ago when she posted a photo of her collection of microphones in different colors, symbolizing each of her Eras. The white microphone wasn't featured in the show, "Until now!!!" one fan said. In Swift's Shorts teaser, it can't be confirmed if the microphone she held was white, but it sure does look like enough and supports the other examples that TTPD will be featured in her tour. https://x.com/tswifterastour/status/1641947804179533824 [select-listicle listicle_id="759812" syndication_name="depressing-but-fun-songs-to-dance-ttpd" description="yes"]

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