Walking through palmetto trees in Charlotte County, Florida.

Florida Endangered Species List Is Now Up To 39 Species

Everglades National Park is home to a number of threatened and endangered plant and animal species. Some of the best known of these are the Florida Panther, American Crocodile, American Alligator, West Indian Manatee, Wood Stork, and Snail Kite.

Florida now lists 39 species as endangered or threatened.  Most of the species might be found in Everglades National Park.  These species are all listed under the Endangered Species Act of 1973.  These species include 8 plants, 6 invertebrates, 3 fish, 9 reptiles, 10 birds and 3 mammals.

The plants, not pictured here, include Blodgett’s silverbush, Pineland sandmat, Garber’s sandmat, Cape Sable thoroughwort, Florida prairieclover, Twospike crabgrass, Everglades bully, and the Florida bristle fern.