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It’s Gummy Bear Day and my son would love it if I told him this but I think I’ll keep this between you and me, LOL!
Did you know the Gummy Bear is 100 years old? Wow!

Where do you think it was created a kitchen, a factory, or an ice cream truck?
Below I will give you all the facts and could gummy bears be an important part of your workout routine? I bet your sweet tooth will love this story!

  • Today Is National Gummy Bear Day


    Gummi bears are a sweet treat that brings joy to people of all ages. On April 27, let's celebrate National Gummi Bear Day and the memorable treat of childhood that's timelessly fun. Few treats are as cute and sweet as gummi bears. Fruity and fun, these colorful chews have been charming us since 1922.

  • Yes!!!!! Gummy Bears is good for my workout routine! Here's why!

    Why gummy bears could be an important part of your workout routine

    This sweet treat is more than a post-workout reward Gym rats and total newbies alike know that your hungry muscles need a hearty helping of protein immediately after working out to build back what's been broken down. That's how new, bigger muscles are built, after all.