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FWC Captured One Of The Largest Snakes On Record

If there's one thing that sends shivers down my spine, it's snakes and FWC captured one of the largest snakes on record. Living in Florida, there's all sorts of creatures that you can expect to see. Gators, a variety of birds, bears, maybe a panther and...snakes. I've seen them all since moving to the Sunshine State. Spotting all of them in Fort Myers, with the panther sighting in Sarasota right in my backyard. Seeing snakes large or small gives me the creeps every time. I realize that they're part of our ecosystem here, but if I never had to see one again, it wouldn't be soon enough. Pythons are all over the Glades, but they're on the move and there have been sightings of them further north. There was a massive python pile spotted in Naples not too long ago, and sightings in residents' yards last fall in Cape Coral as well. But maybe those 8-9 foot pythons don't scare you. How about one that's 17 feet long? FWC And The Burmese Python I have to give major props to anyone willing to catch snakes. For as much as I hate them, I used to watch Guardians of the Glades all the time when it was on TV and I would get so creeped out watching them handle these massive pythons. Let me tell you, it's not a job you'd ever catch me doing. But the star of the show Dusty Crum is so entertaining, I loved it. Catching these invasive creatures is an important job, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) captured one of the largest snakes on record. According to NBC2, this Burmese python was caught on March 29th in the Everglades at almost 17 feet long and weighing in at 177 pounds. FWC says it's the 4th heaviest and 22nd longest on record. The heaviest ever was caught back in 2021 and weighed 215 pounds and was 17.7 feet long. If you see a Burmese python, you're encouraged to call and report it to 888-Ive-Got1. [select-listicle listicle_id="364226" syndication_name="these-are-the-9-most-dangerous-animals-lurking-in-the-florida-everglades" description="no"]

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