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My first hockey game and the Everblades at the Hertz Arena is definitely the one to go to. First, hockey is aggressive and all on blades. I was like “wow how do they do it?” Using the ice blades going backward while fighting off an opponent was pretty intense foot work. Then SWFL fans are amazing the stands were full and everyone including kids knew exactly what was going on.

There’s a Simba Cam the cutest thing parents pick up their kids and put them in the air just like the movie Lion King. I loved every minute of it. The Slams against the glass of opponents, the screams of the fans, and the announcer telling the audience to make noise. We had a great time!

  • Spider Man Tv Show Led Zeppelin won Best Theme Song


  • Full House Loyal Fans


  • Gator Mascot


  • Dimarco & Michelle Ayyyyy

    Dimarco & Michelle Ayyyyy