So lets face it, you play a Florida Lottery scratch off hoping to win a grand prize. Gimme that million. Or 5 million. Or those ones were you get money for life. So when you go to the counter, or go to the machine, you don’t know that some of those games have already paid out their big winners. That’s right, the Florida Lottery has a certain amount of grand prize winners each game, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Unfortunately for us, buying scratchers can be a bit of an impulse buy. “I like this one”. But you should really treat it as a financial decision. It is money we’re trying to win. Please keep in mind I’m not telling you which tickets you should play, or if you should play at all. You do you. Just because a ticket only has one big winner left doesn’t mean it’s not sitting in a counter at a gas station in Lehigh. The fact is, we don’t know. This is just math.

So with the help of the Florida Lottery website, let’s discuss which scratch off tickets you should probably avoid if you’re looking to hit it big. Also, we’ll take a look at which scratch off games have the most big winners left in the pot. You want to win big and get that Lambo? Let’s do this.


  • Florida Lottery Scratch Off Tickets You Should Avoid


    It’s a $10 ticket with a million dollar grand prize. Your’e not gonna get struck.  All four grand prizes have been claimed.

  • $500 LOADED!

    A $5 ticket with a $500,000 grand prize that you won’t win. They’re all gone.


    $10 ticket with a million dollar grand prize. 8 of the 10 top prizes have already been claimed.

    EDIT (4/28): But here’s the really crazy part. Less than 24 hours after I wrote this, someone from North Fort Myers claimed one of the remaining big prizes. They even sent me a pic of his ticket.

    Florida Lottery

    Christopher Engle, 57, of North Fort Myers, claimed a $1 million top prize from the CASH CLUB Scratch-Off game at the Lottery’s Fort Myers District Office. Engle purchased his winning ticket from Publix, located at 6700 Bayshore Road in North Fort Myers.

    So they proved me wrong on this one. Even though most of the big winners had been claimed, one of the last million dollar winners ended up at Publix in North Fort Myers.

  • $5,000 A WK FOR LIFE

    A $10 ticket where you can win $5K a week for life. 3 of the 4 top prizes have already been claimed.

  • $2,500 A WK FOR LIFE

    The $5 version with 2500 a week. 3 of the 4 top prizes are gone.

  • PAY ME!

    A 5 dollar ticket where you could win $500,000. 16 grand prizes, 15 of them are gone.


    This $2 ticket has a $50,000 grand prize. 9 of the 10 are gone.


    These are favorites, with a $2 million dollar grand prize. But only one of the 10 grand prizes remain.


    The smaller version with the $1 million dollar grand prize. There was 24 grand prizes. Now there’s only 2 left.

  • $2,000,000 50X CASHWORD

    $10 ticket with a $2 million dollar grand prize that you won’t win. They’re all gone.

  • $1,000,000 MONEY TREE

    Only 1 of the grand prizes still out there for this $5 ticket.

  • 100X THE CASH

    $10 ticket could get you 2 million. 9 of the 10 big winners are already claimed.


    This $5 ticket could have got you a $500,000 grand prize. But they’re all gone.

  • FASTEST ROAD TO $1,000,000

    This $30 ticket with a million dollar grand prize sports a lot of grand prize winners – 155! But there’s only 7 left.

  • $5,000,000 LUCK

    $20 ticket, 5 million grand prize. 1 of the 12 big prizes remain.

  • $5,000,000 LUCK

    A $20 ticket that has more winners with a smaller 1 million dollar prize. But 39 of the 40 million dollar tickets are already gone.

  • $5,000,000 GOLD RUSH CLASSIC

    $20 ticket with 9 big winners. Really, there’s been 9. They’ve all been claimed.

  • $5,000,000 GOLD RUSH CLASSIC

    Another $20 ticket, this one has a million dollar grand prize with more winners. And of the 45 big winners, there’s only 1 left.


    A $5 ticket – $250,000 grand prize. All the big winners are gone.

  • So Joe, why you so negative? Aren't there games with a lot of grand prizes left.

    Yes, yes there are.


    It’s a $5 ticket where you could win $500,000. 5 of the 6 big ones are still out there.


    $2 can get you $50K. 5 of the 6 are available.

  • 50X THE CASH

    $5 with a million grand prize. 9 of the 12 big ones still out there.

  • 500X THE CASH

    this is the big one. A $50 ticket with a $25 million dollar grand prize. There’s gonna be 2 big winners and both those tickets are still out there.

    florida lottery



  • 100X THE CASH

    $10 ticket – 2 million dollar grand prize. 6 of the 8 big ones still remain.


    $20 ticket – 5 million grand prize. 22 of the 32 5 million dollar ones are out there.


    The $20 get you a million ticket. There’s 100 grand prize tickets and 68 are still floating around.

  • There ya have it

    Those are the main ones. If I didn’t mention your favorite then it probably falls somewhere in between. You can check for it here.

    And really, as I mentioned it above, just because there’s only 2 grand prize tickets left on a certain game doesn’t mean one of them isn’t at your local Publix.

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